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Saddam Hussein on trial


While it is highly unlikely that Saddam Hussein could have ever been (or ever will be) the great end times Antichrist prophesied in scripture, some lessons about the future Antichrist can be gleaned from Saddam's career.  In particular, what if Saddam had been a different sort of man?


Much is written in the Bible of the Beast - - the Man of Sin - - the great end times Antichrist.  Scripture suggests he will arise as the leader of a ten-nation confederation in the Middle East (ancient Mesopotamia) and will make a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, setting off the events of the Seven-year Tribulation and the run-up to the Second Coming of Christ. 


The Middle East today is a region of predominantly Muslim Arab nations squabbling among themselves and with others (especially America) while many yearn for the revival of the great Muslim unity of the past (the Caliphate).  In particular, there are more than 200 million Arabs in 21 countries, and Arabs constitute the overwhelming majority of the population in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and (possibly) Palestine, as well as in Egypt and other North African nations.  These nations, as well as many others, were once part of a vast Arab-Muslim Empire that, from 632 A.D. to 750 A.D., spread the Arab language and culture, as well as the Islamic religion, from Spain in the West to what is modern-day Pakistan in the East, under the rule of the Caliphate, or Caliph, the term or title for the Islamic leader of the Ummah, or community of Islam (the Khilafah).  Should someone of great charismatic and diabolical talent ever manage to once again unite these nations (something that many Muslims believe is prophesied in the Quran), the stage would indeed be set for the End of the Age.


Given these factors, it is intriguing to speculate what could have happened if Saddam Hussein had been a different sort of man - - a man of cunning vision rather than of blind ambition.  Decades of intrigue and cronyism brought Saddam to power as the supreme leader of arguably the most powerful nation in the Middle East (Iraq).  Years of self-aggrandizement, paranoia, cruelty, miscalculation and self-delusion bought him to trial for crimes against his own people in his own country.  Still, consider the lost possibilities - - of a different kind of Saddam rising to power along a different path, one that appealed to the great yearning among many Arabs for the lost Caliphate and the reestablishment of the great Khilafah of the past.  What if Saddam had managed to inspire Arab unity across international boundaries, instead of only the loyalty of the Sunni Arabs of his homeland?  What if he had inspired the loyalty of the Kurds and Shi'a Muslims that comprise the (formerly) disenfranchised majority of Iraqis, rather than suppressing them with murder, mayhem and mustard gas?


Under different circumstances, Saddam might have used Iraq's vast oil wealth to modernize his country, successfully complete his ambitious weapons programs and win his war with Iran.  He might have ridden into Kuwait as a liberator (rather than a robber), and swept the Arabian Peninsula (including Saudi Arabia and its oil reserves) into his pocket like so much change.  And he could have done it before the West (including America) could have done anything about it.  Indeed, scripture suggests that, if Saddam had been a different sort of man, he would have had the blessing and support of the West in all these endeavors (as he had during his ill-fated war with Iran, and until his ill-fated invasion of Kuwait).


And what does all of this have to do with the great end times Antichrist?  Nothing.  And everything.


Consider the lost possibilities.  They may not be lost at all - - just waiting for the right man.







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