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Good Resources:




* C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc 1960


Middle Eastern History & Religions:


* Cradle & Crucible National Geographic 2002

* Charles S. Braden The World's Religions Pierce & Washabaugh 1965


Supplemental to Bible study:


* Merrill F. Unger Unger's Bible Dictionary The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago 1976

* David Haggith End-Time Prophecies of the Bible Penguin Putnam Inc. 2000


Current & Near Future Trends:

* William Strauss & Neil Howe The Fourth Turning, an American Prophecy Broadway Books 1998

* Robert Harvey Global Disorder Carroll & Graf Publishers 2003

* Naill Ferguson Colossus The Rise and Fall of the American Empire Penguin Books 2004


More to come





The Little Scroll - Main Menu