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Globalization and Prophecy: America's Role in the End Times


Globalization - the 'growing interconnectedness reflected in the expanded flows of information, technology, capital, goods, services and people throughout the world'

"Mapping the Global Future", a report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project for the CIA (NIC 2004-13 December 2004)


'Globalization is a condition defined by mutually assured dependence.'

Thomas P. M. Barnett "The Pentagon's New Map", Berkley Books, 2004, pg. 122


Globalization. Humanity has always dreamed of it and striven for it, from Babel (Genesis 11: 1 9) through the Age of Empires, and even to the end of the age. The One-World ethos is ingrained in us, was perverted by sin and denied us by God, will feature prominently in the End Times, and will be restored to us as it was in the beginning - - a world united under the authority and lordship of God - - in the Millennial Kingdom.


Most interpretations of prophecy suggest the creation of an End Times one-world government and economy. Such interpretations could be validated not by empire (the traditional view), but through the globalization process - - not by conquest, but by global integration of the nations through expanded flows of information, technology, capital, goods, services and people.


If this is the correct interpretation, then the End Times one-world government and economy will be messy and somewhat convoluted. There will be no One-World Emperor governing from the top down in the historical, imperial sense. Instead there will arise an Antichrist who exercises power and influence through a voluntary (and sometimes not-so-voluntary) acceptance, by globalized and globalizing societies, of an evolving rule set for international connectedness.


Antichrist's rule will be fragile and brief, and not without dissention and challenges. His coalition will be a coalition of convenience motivated by a common hubris (men will not give up their rebellion against God) and, in the end, by a common threat (the second coming of Christ, who will conquer rebellious humanity). Much of Bible prophecy regarding the End Times supports this view. Nothing in prophecy refutes it.


Should America then champion globalization? Do we sin as a nation by facilitating integration of nations into a global community? Such integration will occur with or without our help. God foresaw it and prophesied it in the Bible. Prophecy is prophecy, and would not be if it did not come true. In the end great evil will come of globalization, but need not.


It is good and right that Americans promote world peace, international security and cooperation, fairness and prosperity among the nations, and freedom of choice for all the world's people. Globalization, with its generally accepted and evolving rule set for international cooperation and connectedness has been, since World War II, and is today, for good or ill, the observed outcome of America's efforts in these endeavors. Two-thirds of the world's people are now part of the growing global community that America champions, and this despite our many mistakes and failures along the way, our missteps that have drawn us much criticism from within the global community we have helped to create. What people and nations do with this global community - - that is their choice and their responsibility.


The golden rule and all the rest apply. God's rule set never changes. He compels us to want for our neighbor what we want for ourselves (peace, security, cooperation, fairness, prosperity, freedom). He compels us to ease our neighbor's pain and uplift our neighbor's spirit whenever and wherever we can.


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God (Matthew 5: 9). The Devil take the rest.






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